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10 most dangerous roads on the planet


For thousands of years roads have provided a means for safer plus much more efficient movement of merchandise and people, but as you will notice in a moment this is not always the case. While some of the roads on the list are heavily traveled thoroughfares other people remote, winding, and narrow. At any rate may be though, the ten most dangerous roads on earth will likely convince you that walking isn’t really that bad in fact.

Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines 10 Most
To locals, it’s referred to as “Killer Highway” due to the high number of casualties and fatalities -- thousands of deaths per year actually -- that originate from the heavy volume of traffic. A poor drainage system (which ends up in heavy flooding during storms), numerous motorbikes -- that tour buses can’t see -- and in many cases pedestrians walking nearby help contribute to the number crazy quantity of accidents.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China
The literal English translation to the mile-long Guoliang Tunnel Rd is “Road that tolerates no mistakes.” Built by 13 local villagers inside the Taihang Mountains (many of whom died during construction), the chiseled mountain tunnel measures only 15ft high by 12ft wide but rocks insane views in the Chinese landscape through 30 “windows” which are cut out of the cliff.
Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand
The Skippers Canyon Road, positioned in New Zealand, is unbelievably scary as it’s made out of a very narrow cut in the middle of a sheer cliff face. The road is all made of Sharp turns and steep inclinations. This winding road actually needs a special permit they are driving. If you do manage to get permission though, then come a slippery challenge and good luck if you run into someone eminating from the other direction. Currently this road is popular mostly among extreme tourists seeking adventure and adrenaline.
Dalton Highway, Alaska If we've learned many methods from Ice Road Truckers about the History Channel, it's that this roads in Alaska suck. Feel like getting away from civilization? This is the highway for you. Few roads on earth offer the degree of isolation since the James W. Dalton Highway. Ensure you pack plenty of supplies because there are only three villages along this 666km road through the wilderness. Linking Fairbanks and oil fields on the north, huge trucks are its main traffic. Definitely right of way is one of road rules; one other is taking survival supplies and knowing how to use them.
Zojila Pass, Kasmir, India This strip of rock isn't place for a Sunday drive. It’s better suited to a Mars Rover than any manned vehicle. It’s 9km long, about 3,500m above sea level and offers an important link between Ladakh and Kashmir, so you’ll need to dodge the numerous livestock. In addition to that, vicious winds as well as snowfall often impact the region.

Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk
This is the official federal-government highway to Yakutsk, which is also the only one to have there. As there are few other roads, the intrepid motorists are doomed to wallow with this dirt, or stand it week-long 100 km car line-ups (they are saying women even gave birth there while waiting). This will turn into a major humanitarian disaster during rainy spells, once the usual clay covering of the road turns into impassable mud blanket, swallowing trucks and tractors alike. At the same time the city has to partly airlift food items.

Stelvio Pass, Italy
At 9,045ft up in the Alps, the Stelvio Pass is one of the most scenic drives on earth -- the views are immense and insane. But appreciating those vistas might cost you; the 180-degree corners are dangerous, the concrete barriers low, and winter brings icy roads and slick conditions. One wrong move could send you over the cliffs.
Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan
Situated in “the Valley of Death,” this notorious road is especially trafficked by the Taliban and attacks are de rigueur -
- so don’t expect a simple, breezy drive. Even still, the narrow mountain passes very often seem to be full of oversized freight trucks are just as frightening.

The right way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan
Although it may appear harmless, The Way to Fairy Meadows is not to do with Pixie Dust or Fairies and it is basically a typical mountainside dirt trail. It is actually an extremely narrow and dangerous 10 km stretch of road top to Nanga Parbat or The Killer Mountain in Pakistan. Fairy Meadows can be a nearby valley with serene views of the large mountain. The gravel road hasn't undergone any repair because it was built.

Old Yungas Road, Bolivia
We’d rather hitchhike the Highway to Hell than take our chances on Old Yungas Rd (aka: “The Death Road”), considered one of the most dangerous in the world. The 40-mile stretch linking La Paz to Coroico hugs cliffs that overlook a sprawling canyon boasting so many sharp turns that you’d think drivers would putter along at 10mph as opposed to take a chance. They don’t. Over 200 people annually fall to their death in trucks, cars, and public buses. 10 Most